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Ebo 6 - Power Hammer

Power Hammers

The Ebo 6 is a remarkably powerful compact pneumatic forging hammer, the seriously compact design means it is an appropriate industrial piece of kit for hobbyists and professionals alike. This neat hammer runs of single phase. The hammer drives hard hitting power whilst the precision machining allows ultimate control. As with a few of the Ebo range the 6kg model is available, with or without the base, due the the size of the Ebo 6, it really can be desktop machine.

With a high hitting frequency of strikes the Ebo 6 is the perfect machine to step up the rate of your production. The self-contained design means there is no need for an external air compressor, saving on costs, workshop space and potential down time.

The user finds the ram is easily operated by controlling the adjustable foot pedal. This method of operation allows for nimble control, enabling precision work on smaller sections. Despite the ability to use light and accurate blows, the a Ebo 6 has 6kg of hard-hitting ram power.

The Ebo 6 is no exception when it comes to safety, as with all our self-contained hammers the Ebo 6 has a cover protecting the user from any accidents with the V belts and flywheel. The compact design of this machine means it is easily moved and easy to get installed. The lifting eye is installed at the top of the Ebo 6 as standard, this, along with the forklift points at the base of the machine make for simple and straight forward installation. The Ebo 6 is the ideal machine to take your business to the next level or for the hobbyist to take their next commitment to their craft. Available in single or three phase this machine is not off limits to any workshop big or small, new or old. Make the Ebo 6 the next asset to your workshop and prepare to set yourself apart from the others in the field.

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