Ebo 16 – Power Hammer


Weight of falling ram Kg 16
Hitting energy Kj 0.066
Hitting frequency R/Min 258
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1050x860x970
Motor Power Kw 1.5
DecibelLevel dB 70
Electrical Input Single phase / Three phase



The Ebo 16 is a remarkably powerful pneumatic forging hammer, the compact design means it is an appropriate industrial piece of kit for hobbyists and professionals alike. The 1.5kW, motor is available in either single or phase. This power hammer drives hard hitting power whilst the precision machining allows ultimate control.

With a hitting frequency of 258 strikes per minute the Ebo 16 is the perfect machine to step up the rate of your production. The self-contained design means there is no need for an external air compressor, saving on costs, workshop space and potential down time.

The user finds the ram is easily operated by controlling the adjustable foot pedal. This method of operation allows for nimble control, enabling precision work on smaller sections. Despite the ability to use light and accurate blows, the Ebo 16 has 16kg of hard-hitting ram power. This formidable capacity means the Ebo 16 can move sections up to 25 x 25mm square steel sections with minimal effort and no strain on the machine.

The Ebo 16 is no exception when it comes to safety, as with all our self-contained hammers the Ebo 16 has a cover protecting the user from any accidents with the V belts and flywheel. The compact design of this machine means it is easily moved and easy to get secularly installed.  The lifting eye is installed at the top of the Ebo 16 as standard, this, along with the forklift points at the base of the machine make for simple and straight forward installation. The Ebo 16 is the ideal machine to take your business to the next level or for the hobbyist to take their next commitment to their craft. Available in single or three phase this machine is not off limits to any workshop big or small, new or old. Make the Ebo 16 the next asset to your workshop and prepare to set yourself apart from the others in the field.


The Dies are easily interchangeable, and readily available. As well as our standard range of dies, custom designs can be accommodated. All pneumatic hammers offered by Power Hammers UK are of modern designs, and high quality construction. One great top of the range feature is the hanging die feature, this stops the die from retracting into the cylinder, meaning the often frequent task of changing dies can be done without any hassle. In terms of overall productivity, this power hammer is exceptionally efficient.

Maintenance & Training

Thoughtful design ensures the impressive power and large productive potential, does not compromise the Ebo’s ease of maintenance. It is an especially efficient machine, with practically immediate start up and a simple clean down schedule. The machine has been built from industrial grade components that will ensure a long working life. In short, it is very simple to use for all operations. An easily controlled foot pedal, means the user experience is as intuitive as the accelerator pedal of a car. This being said, as with all our machines, full training is offered. The practical but simplistic design is based around three fundamental sections. With straightforward training the user can learn to undertake full maintenance, ensuring the machines longevity at no extra cost. An Automatic, fully adjustable oil system allows for a well lubricated machine at all times. While oil is a lubricant to the hammer, it is also a vital part of the pneumatic sealing system. Training of all systems and operations is available at our facility or at the users location.



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