Becma Single – Gas Forge


The Single Gas Forge, one of our most popular single burner forges, featuring a larger heating area, and rear and front doors to not restrict the size of the work piece. As with all our gas forges your purchase includes a pressure reducer regulator and high pressure hoses with rupture protection.


Gas Forge for Blacksmithing
Type: GFR.4 neo
Interior (WxDxH): 235x305x210mm
Outside dimensions (WxDxH): 355x420x450mm (without mounting parts like levers and burner head))
Inner material: 30mm ceramic fiberboard, floor 10mm ceramic fiberboard and 20mm fire brick
Maximum temperature: 1200 ° C in 15 min.
Fire brick: A30Tca. Max. 1600 ° C

Pressure reducer: GCE regulator with scale and hose break protection, combined connection, Art. 1669, control range 0.5-4.0 bar
Gross weight: 33kg