Becma Quench S – Blacksmith Forge


The Quench S Blacksmith’s Coke Forge, is the smallest in the Quench forge range. The smaller area combined with the powerful air source provide an efficient and compact working area. The air supply can be easily tweaked with the hand controls to the front of the forge. Not to forget the useful quench tank, the Quench S is a user friendly and practical forge for new and experienced blacksmiths alike.

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Inside dimensions: 230x180x48mm
External dimensions: 276x256mm
Power: 485m³/h
Air duct: 74x58mm
Mounting surface: 115x100mm

water container
Length: 390mm
Width: 120mm
Depth: 190mm

Outside: 70x55cm

BVN Blower Motor: 230V, 140Watt, 485m³/h, 2215 rpm.

ca. Dimensions: 70x55x85cm
approx Weight: 65kg