Becma Quench L – Blacksmith Forge


The Quench L Blacksmith’s Coke Forge, complete with or without a hood, with a powerful fan offering 600m³/h air capacity. The air source can be easily tweaked with the hand controls to the front of the forge. Including a large surface area and useful quench tank, the Quench L is a user friendly and practical forge for new and experienced blacksmiths alike.

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Inside dimensions: 280x280x55mm
External dimensions: 350x320mm
Power: 485m³/h and 600m³/h
Air duct: 74x58mm
Mounting surface: 145x140mm

Water Container
Length: 390mm
Width: 120mm
Depth: 190mm

Outside: 1000x750mm

Radial blower motor
BVN BDRS 140.60, 230V, 140W, 485m³ / h, 2215U/min.
BVN BDRS 160.60, 230V, 160W, 600m³/h,  2000U/min.

approx dimensions: 100x75x85cm
approx Weight: 100kg