Say-Mak 50 – Power Hammer


Falling Ram
Kg 50
Anvil Weight Kg 300
Hitting frequency R/Min 240
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1560 mm, 685 mm, 1445 mm
Motor Power Kw 4
Decibel Level dB 60
Electrical Input Three Phase

The Asena 50 Air Hammer is a self contained forging hammer designed for use in many manner of metal working environments, including blacksmith shops,
welding and fabricating plants, maintenance facilities and schools. Interchangeable upper and lower dies allow the user to form hot metal into an infinite variety of shapes.

With a robust welded steel construction twinned with the efficient and easily maintained oiling system the Asena range of hammers really stand out amongst their competitors.
As standard the Asena 50 machine comes with flat dies, other examples of optional dies can be found on our all products or die pages.

The Sal Blocks direction is adjustable to 8 different directions to suit the users position. The Asena 50 is mounted on a steel base with forklift points for ease of movement.
The user can adjust the foot pedals height to suit their needs. As well as being able to set the height, the foot pedal includes the added feature of a foot safety cover.The Asena 50 hammer is started via an electro-magnetic starter switch and features an emergency shut-off. One can keep track of the hammers working hours easily due to the integrated hour counter.‚Äč
All in all the Asena range are heavy hitting, easily controlled, well designed machines and a worthy asset to any workshop or business in search of a power hammer.



Decibel level

60 dB

Electrical input

Three phase

Hitting frequency

240 R/min

Motor Power

4 Kw

Weight of falling ram

50 Kg

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