Asena Power Hammers

The Asena range consists of three hammers, starting with The Asena 50 all the way up to the Asena 75. These three Power Hammers pack some serious punches. Mighty machines suited to large commercial environment’s but still in a modest footprint as to not be out the realms of the smaller work shop or educational facility. Three very serious machines with heavy hitting potential. Please click the products below for more information.

All of our Power Hammers include self-contained industrial pneumatic systems – there is no need for an external air compressor. The hammers are all self oiling and easily maintained. We understand that investing in machinery is a big decision whether you are buying for your hobby or business, we welcome all questions and are always happy to try and come to a solution that suits your blacksmithing needs. All sales at Power Hammers UK come with after sales support and demonstrations are welcome prior to purchase. Finance is available on all machines, please get in touch for more information.