Self Contained Pneumatic Forging Hammers

From hobbyist hammers to heavy hitting industrial forging machines, this is where you will find the right hammer for your purpose. Please see our Ebo and Say-Mak Power hammers below. With our standard hammers ranging from 6kg to 75kg our machines will take your workshop to the next level.

All our Power Hammers on offer at come are of a self contained designed meaning there is no need for an external air source. Once your hammer is delivered the set up is minimal and straight forward, however, we are always on hand to help, so please get in touch with any questions you may have.


The Ebo range consists of four self contained pneumatic power hammers, 6kg, 16kg, 25kg, and 40kg. With the 16kg being our most popular hammer, the Ebo range is great for proficient and lesser experienced blacksmiths alike.


The Say-Mak power hammer range is made up of three self contained pneumatic power hammers. The 50kg, 60kg and 75kg Say-Mak hammers are some serious heavy hitters.