Hammerhead Power Hammer Dies
Hammerhead Power Hammer Dies
Hammerhead Dies are made from tool steel that is specifically designed for impact applications. It can be safely made harder than other steels, such as the 41xx or 4xx series, or the Hxx series. All of the flat and combination dies are made taller than standard by + .25"( 3.5" vs. 3.25"). This additional material increases the useful life of the die by allowing for several re-machinings of the surface. All of the dies we sell are machined and heat treated at our facility in Tennessee, giving Hammerhead Power Hammer Dies the edge in quality, price and availability. Need a custom die set? Please inquire!

General Specifications for Hammerhead Dies

Material: S-7 Deluxe Air Hardening Shock Steel
Machining Tolerances: +/- .005"
Heat Treat Method: Digitally controlled electric furnace, moving air quench.
Finished Hardness: 52-54 Rockwell-c
Compatability: Sahinler, Kuhn, Glaser (Sahinler), customized to fit most other brands. Click here to see our die compatability chart.

Contact Information

Power Hammers, LLC -- attn: Brian Russell
(t) 901.867.7300 (f) 901.867.7843 (e) info@powerhammers.com
10385 Long Rd. Arlington, TN 38002 USA

Questions? Please visit our Hammerhead Air Hammer Dies Frequently Asked Questions Section.
Hammerhead Power Hammer Dies

Free Form Forging Dies
Free form forging dies includes dies with flat or radiused surfaces, including combination dies. These dies are used for drawing long round, square and flat tapers, spreading and fullering bar and plate, hand or spring swage work, necking, texturing and sculptural work. They are undoubtedly the most often used class of dies in the furniture, sculptural and architectural metal shop. The combination dies, with either 2 or 3 parts are extremely versatile. The double combination (SDC, LDC) is available in several sizes and configurations to suit the needs of the blacksmith: flat / fuller, flat / drawing and fuller / drawing. The triple combo (LTC) features sections of flat, drawing and fuller. It is outstanding for organic leaf and vine work, as well as general tapering. Bladesmiths making Damascus billets have found the wide flat dies (WFD) to work well because of their large surface area.
LDC - Large Double Combination (pair)
An excellent die for general purpose forging operations, including drawing out/tapering of square, rectangular and round stock. The radius section moves the material quickly and the flat side is useful for blocking in parallel sides, using set tools and flattening.
Price: $550.00
LTC - Large Triple Combination (pair)
2.375 x 6.5":r1=4.00" r2=.375" An incredibly versatile die for the artist blacksmith. With all of the qualities of the double combo, plus the added 1.5" fuller for necking down on leaves or balls, fullering on curves and texturing. Great for vines and organic work.
Price: $675.00
LDF - Large Drawing - Fuller Combination (pair)
2.375 x 6.5":r1=4:00" r2=.50" Divided into equal halves of 3.25" these dies are a tour de force of radius die forging. The larger radius is ideal for long tapers or rounding out stock. The small radius fuller provides for superior control in transitions, as well as texturing.
Price: $675.00
LDD - Large Drawing Dies (pair)
2.375"x6.5"; r=4.00" A large surface area with a consistent radius makes fast work of tapering operations. Use on flat, round or square stock. These dies are especially useful for freehand forging of pipe and tubing. The radius can also be used for fullering and spreading.
Price: $575.00
SFD - Standard Flat Dies (pair)
2.375 x 4.75" Very versatile dies are fully hardened throughout, making them adaptable by grinding without loss of hardness. Radius the edges, grind in a texture, modify the profile... the only limit is your imagination.
Price: $400.00
SDC - Standard Double Combination (pair)
2.375 x 4.75"; r=4.00 For making the most out of your forging time combination dies can't be beat. The radius side draws material out quickly and the flat side keeps it in line. Also use the radius for spreading and the flat for toolwork.
Price: $475.00
SDF - Standard Drawing - Fuller Combination (pair)
2.375 x 4.75":r1=4:00" r2=.50" Divided into equal halves of 2.375" these dies are a extemely handy for tapering and spreading. The larger radius is ideal for long tapers or rounding out stock. The small radius fuller provides for superior control in transitions, as well as texturing. These standard sized dies will fit all hammers. Select dovetail size when ordering.
Price: $575.00
SFFC - Standard Fuller-Flat Combination (pair)
2.375 x 4.75": r=.375" Sharp fuller is made for necking down at transitions, texturing and general fullering operations. By fullering the outside half of a flat bar a beautiful radius can be quickly and accurately turned.
Price: $550.00
LFD - Large Flat Dies (pair)
2.375 x 6.5" Absolutely essential for the bladesmith pattern welding large billets. As with the standard flat dies, these can become what you make them. With radiused edges they become West Coast drawing dies. Make your own special combinations!
Price: $450.00
WFD - Wide Flat Die (pair)
3.25" x 5.00" With more than 16 square inches of surface area, this die set makes an excellent choice for pattern welding billets, set tool work and texturing. Fully hardened and tempered to allow easy modifications.
Price: $475.00
TWF - Two Way Fuller Die (pair)
1.25" x 4.75" r1=1.00", r2=8.00" Also known as crown dies, these are fantastic dies for working sheet, plate or flat bar with the power hammer. With the slight side to side radius the fuller doesn't dig into the work on the ends. Sculptors will find these dies indispensible.
Price: $575.00
SSD - Special Sculpture Dies (pair)
2.375 x 2.375" Essentially these are giant ball peens, with convex surfaces. They can be used as a pair, offset, or with a flat bottom die to produce different effects in moving the metal.
Price: $550.00
Swage Dies
Swage dies are used for producing specific shapes in the middle( BFD) or on the ends (BEF) of solid round or square bar. Many times 2 operations are necessary when using the dies: the first uses the swage or spindle die to forge the shape into the desired location on the stock. The second operation uses a combination die to taper the remaining bar to the required sizes. In a production situation this sequence is most efficiently carried out with a second hammer, allowing the same heat to be used for both operations. The wide taper flat combinations ( WTF, WTD), while not technically a spindle die, have proven themselves superior in producing 3” or shorter pyramid points or straight tapers. Process times of around 15 seconds per part in 1” square A36 have been maintained over periods of several hours.
WTF - Wedge Taper Flat Combination (pair)
3.25" x 5.00" 20 included angle Any angle may be specified on this combination die set. Use the angle side to forge the point, then block it with the flat side. Highly efficient for multiple short tapers of a specific angle. Not for general tapering.
Price: $600.00
WWTC - Wide Wedge Taper Dies (pair)
3.25" x 5.00" 20 included angle For two sided tapers or four sided pyramid points this die set produces outstanding, repeatable results in mere seconds every time. Any angle may be specified to suit your custom requirements. Not for general tapering.
Price: $625.00
BSD - Ball Spindle Dies (pair)
3.25 x 5.00" 1" ball in 1.25" round Be creative with your ballustrade spindles while making the perfect sphere everytime. Produces a beautiful faceted 1" ball with .5" round entries Other sizes are available - please inquire.
Price: $1100.00
SID - Stake Insert Die (one die, includes one blank stake)
2.375 x 4.75"
This die can be used either as a top or bottom die. Rhe .75" hole accepts fullering, veining or mushroom stakes up to 3" long. Blank stakes are available for customizing. Imagine the possibilities for moving metal with this set!
Price: $375.00
Stake Insert Die Blank Stake (one stake)
Price: $85.00
BEF - Ball End Finial Die (pair)
2.375 x 4.75" 1" ball on 1" round Produces a perfect faceted 1" ball finial on the end of a 1" round bar. A turning post makes using this die set a snap. Other sizes are available - please inquire.
Price: $1100.00
Texture Dies
Texture dies are ideal for quickly and economically creating surface interest on large areas of flat, round or square steel, bronze, aluminum or copper. Classic French art deco from the 1920’s made much use of the cross fuller texture( CF) while today’s mountain lodges use the peened (PD) look on much of the exposed beam connecting joinery and hardware. Bark texture on multiple sizes of stock are possible with the BTD. Getting beyond the mill finish on stock metal is key to setting your work apart. Texturing dies make it fast and easy.
PD - Peening Texture Die (one die)
2.375 x 4.375" For texturing flat bar with a traditional peened texture. The raised convex areas vary between .375" and .75" in root diameter. These dies may be used singly with a flat top die or as a pair for two sided texturing. For hot material.
Price: $400.00
BTD - Bark Texture Die (pair)
3.25 x 5.00" The hand carved pattern in these top quality dies will produce a bark texture in round or flat material. The pattern is graduated in size from side to side for versatility.
Price: $900.00
CF - Cross Fuller Texture Die (one die)
2.375 x 4.75" Staggered, interrupted .125" wide raised ridges are spaced .375" apart in rows to produce a lovely subtle texture in flat or square material. This texture was used extensively in French Deco of the 1920's.
Price: $400.00
Tool Holding Dies
Tool holding dies enable the blacksmith to use various specialty tools that are quickly interchanged or shifted. The SFSD features is a flat die with a .5” hole through the side. Shop made saddles are then simply bolted to the die for quick and dirty tooling. The FDT has a .75” hole through the working face, with a Weldon-type set screw through the side. Tenoned stake dies are then mounted vertically in this arrangement, making it possible to use very small precise fullers, mushrooms, or texturing stakes. The Hardy Hole Holder (HHH) surrounds the lower die and provides a 1” square hardy hole with acme holding screw. By using the .75” thick flat plates mounted atop the lower die , shop made jigs and fixtures are readily created. Beveling dies, short run texturing dies and other intermittent use dies are easily made to order.
USD - Upper Saddle Die (one die)
2.375 x 6.5" With a selection of shop-made saddles attached to the die via a .5" through bolt the smith can create a huge range of shapes in short order. Combine this with the Hardy Hole Holder on the lower die and you're ready to tackle all of those tricky shapes.
Price: $450.00
HHH - Hardy Hole Holder (one die)
The Hardy Hole Holder is the most useful gadget at my forge. It slips around the lower die, resting on the sow block. The 1" square hole accepts a tenoned .75 x 4" x 8" A36 plate, which rests on the die. Myriad shop-made accessories can then be welded to this plate.
Price: $475.00
Custom Dies
Custom dies help the modern blacksmith leverage their powerhammer to the maximum, using the power, speed and accuracy of the hammer to produce shapes in hot metal limited only by the imagination. Open face drop forge type dies, cap rail dies, special spindle dies, even giant nail making dies are all possibilities. Our manufacturing network includes wire EDM cutting and die sinking capabilities. Please inquire with your specifications.
STMD - Special Toolmakers Dies (pair)
2.375 x 4.75" top: r1=4.00" bottom: flat w/radii For drawing out the edge of a swordblade, spokeshave or knife. The top die acts as a fuller to spread the edge, while the flat bottom die provides a stable platform.
Price: $475.00
Dies for SM34 / Small Dovetail
These dies are specific for the SM34 and other hammers utilizing the small dovetail.
NDC34-Narrow Double Combination
2.00 x 6.00" r1=4.00". This narrower double combination provides the SM34 and other smaller hammers with a longer dies surface, meaning more work room for each segment. The 2" width provides for a more focused impact zone.
Price: $425.00
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